Freightliner Argosy 110" Sleeper

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  • Key: >Feature with selectable options listed
    ^Feature Common to all variants
  • Engine: >Detroit Diesel DD15. Upgradeable to 560 hp with no engine hardware change
    - 500 hp (373 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 530 hp (395 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 560 hp (418 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    >Cummins ISX/Signature/X15e5
    - 485 hp (362 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 500 hp (373 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 525 hp (392 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 550 hp (410 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    - 600 hp (448 kW), 1,850 lb-ft or 2,050 lb-ft
    ^Exhaust, Vertical After Treatment, Device (ATD) and vertical outlet
    ^1,650 in2 (10,645 cm2) single aluminum radiator
    ^Borg Warner (Kysor) Rear Air, On/Off Engine Fan
    >Donaldson air filter with optional inline separator
  • Clutch: >Eaton 15 ½” twin ceramic disc clutch
    - Advantage manual adjusting
    - Advantage self adjusting
    ^Aluminum clutch housing
  • Transmission: >To suit engine and GCMs
    - Eaton Manual
    - Eaton UltraShift Plus with SmartShift™ paddle
  • Front Axle/Suspension/Steering: >Packages
    - 6.5 tonne - Daimler Steer Axle DA-F, 16.0-5 with 16K parabolic taper leaf springs (capacity 7,258kg), high capacity wheel bearings and TRW, TAS-85 power steering box (capacity 7,350kg)
    - 6.5 tonne - Meritor, MFS16 axle with 16K parabolic taper leaf springs (capacity 7,258 kg), high capacity wheel bearings and TRW, TAS-85 power steering box (capacity 7,350 kg)
    - 6.35 tonne - Meritor, FG941 axle with 16K parabolic taper leaf springs (capacity 7,258 kg) high capacity wheel bearings and TRW, THP60 power steering box (capacity 6,350 kg)
    - 12 tonne - Meritor, Dual FG941 axle with 14.6K parabolic taper leaf springs (capacity 2 x 6,624kg) and TRW TAS65 and RCH65 power steering box
  • Rear Axle: ^Meritor, Max. GCM
    - RT46-160GP, 106 tonne
    - RT50-160GP, 130 tonne
    - RT52-185GP, 140 tonne
    ^Driver Controlled Differential Locks (DCDL)
    ^Light Weight brake drums
    ^ConMet Pre Set Plus™ aluminum rear hubs
  • Driveline: ^Meritor RPL 25SD with RPL20 inter axle Drive Shafts
  • Rear Suspension: >Suspension, Max. GCM
    - Freightliner AirLiner™ 46K, Air Bag, 106 tonne
    - Hendrickson PRIMAAX™ EX 460, Air Bag, 140 tonne
    - Freightliner TufTrac™ 46K, 6 rod/steel spring, 140 tonne
    - Neway AD-246, Air Bag, 140 tonne
    >Dual leveling valves
  • Brakes: >Brakes
    - Meritor S Cam brakes with auto slack adjusters
    - Bendix disc brake, available only with the Daimler DA-F front axle package
    ^Traction Control with Wabco ABS, anti-lock brake
    ^Hill Start Aid (Ultra shift only)
    ^Roll Stability Control
  • Tyres: >Steer
    - Michelin X Multiway3D 295/80R22.5
    - Michelin XZA2 Energy 315/80R22.5
    - Michelin XZE2+ 275/70R22.5
    - Michelin X MultiD 11R22.5
    - Michelin XDE M/S 11R22.5
    - Michelin XZE2+ 275/70R22.5
    Wheels: >Steer and Drive
    - 8.25” x 22.5” Alcoa disc
    - 9.00” x 22.5” Alcoa Ultra disc
    - 8.25” x 22.5” Alcoa Dura-Bright disc
  • Fuel Tanks: >Tanks - 25” or 28.5” diameter and square
    - Fuel tanks from 340 litres
    - Hydraulic oil tanks / fuel tanks
  • Chassis: >Frame section
    - 8.7 x 88.9 x 277.8 mm
    - 11.1 x 90.5 x 282.6 mm
    >Frame insert
    - 6.35 mm C-channel partial or full length insert
    >End of frame (ROH)
    - Prime movers are tapered with 1,425 mm rear overhang
    - Trucks straight with 1,650 mm rear overhang
    >Wheelbases available up to 7.0 metres
    ^Yield strength 827 MPa with Huckspin frame fasteners
    ^Tow hooks
    ^87 dB to 112 dB self adjusting reverse alarm
    FUPD – ADR84/00 Compliant: ^Front Underrun Protection Device (FUPD)
  • Electrical: ^Alternator, 12 volt Leece-Neville, 185 Amp brushless
    ^Battery box location is mounted centrally above the rails under the gantry
    ^4 x 12 Volt AGM batteries
  • Configuration:
    - Prime Mover Package: Fifth wheel mounting angles, Air lines and electrics to BOC
    - Truck and Trailer Package: Air lines to end of frame and electrics to BOC
    Cabins / Sleepers:
    ^Argosy, 6x4 and 8x4
    - 90” Mid roof sleeper cab
    - 101” Mid roof sleeper cab
    - 110” Mid roof sleeper cab
    - 110” Raised roof sleeper cab
    8x4 only available with 90” Cab
    Cab Features - Interior:
    ^Flat floor throughout cab and sleeper area
    ^Air adjustable tilt and telescopic steering column
    ^455 mm VIP chrome and leather wrapped steering wheel
    ^Sleeper cab privacy curtains for all windows
    ^Burl woodgrain with bright finish instrument bezels
    ^Cruise control
    ^Radio preparation kit
    ^Dual air conditioning
    ^Custom vinyl wrapped dash with high grade sound insulation.
    >Interior sleeper trim
    - Cloth
    - Studded vinyl
    - Xtreme HD seat with 3 point integrated belt, high back air suspension driver and fixed passenger seat with lumbar support, seat cushion tilt/length control
    - Premium high back air suspension driver and fixed passenger seats with lumbar support, seat cushion tilt/length control, ‘A’ pillar mounted seat belts
    ^ICU4M Driver Message Centre, (DMC) with 2x20 display, keypad and ivory face gauges
    ^Low air pressure warning light and buzzer
    ^Primary / secondary brake circuit air pressure gauges
    ^Tandem rear axle temperature gauges
    ^Engine coolant temperature gauge
    ^Engine oil temperature and pressure gauges
    ^Transmission oil temperature gauge
    ^Analogue clock
    ^Two extra switches with wiring to back of cabin
    Cab Features - Exterior:
    ^Lightweight aluminum construction cab with Henrob self piercing rivets, which exceeds stringent European ECE-R29
    crash-worthiness standard
    ^Two piece curved sloped at an optimal angle of 24o
    ^Electric wipers with delay & 8 litre windshield washer reservoir
    ^Aerodynamic bright mirrors are electronically adjustable and heated with spotter mirrors and passenger down-view mirror
    ^Dual air horns
    ^Electric windows and door locks
    ^AM/FM antenna - left hand mirror mounted
    >Spotlights over LH&RH doors
    >Aerodynamic equipment to suit all applications
    >Swing Out Staircase
    - Right Hand Side only
    Customer options available
    Note:- Special colours require additional lead
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Freightliner Dealer
    for: Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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